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Wasting time in Shanghai

Hi people. I was just bored today, trying my best not to do anything productive, and I came across this commuinty by some freak chance. I thought it might be fun to write a post, so here is one.

First of all, is this group composed of only fans? That is, do we have any wwh members out there posting, spying, etc.?

Anyway, I use to have the alias Mechanik, which was a one-man-space-band from Grand Rapids MI. I use to play with the Heat quite a bit. We even released some recordings together. Now they are working at placing their name in rock history, and I'm an English teacher in Shangai. We never know where life will lead us, no? Back to the point, these guys were the most dedicated musicians in the old hometown. Alot of people got jealous of them, which I think was ridiculous. I think most of us will get out of life what we put into it. I wish more of my friends put the energy into what they were doing so they could succeed, but alas, we creative types have a tendency to slack when given the chance.

Just thought I would share some random thoughts that are somewhat tangent to this forum. You can go about your normal business now.
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